The ACMS was developed together with the University of Waterloo in order to facilitate the generation of their academic calendar both on the Web and in print.  With more than 20,000 users, 150 editors, 15 managers and 4 administrators, this complex system integrates security, membership, content management, automated systems, effective dating, version control and work flow management.

Intranets or Knowledge Bases

Throughout the development process, it was clear that this system could be used in many different instances.  The most obvious are knowledge based storage, as well as intranet policies and procedures sites.  Many larger companies try to use standard operating procedures, but the maintenance and upkeep of the documents is extensive, as well as labour intensive.  Our GCMS system allows many users to maintain the storage from the internet, easily, and make use of tools such as effective dating, approval workflow, and version control.
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