Hosting Management

Hosting ServersInterGlobal Solutions will setup, manage, and maintain your hosting environment for you. We have 15 years experience in hosting Web sites under the Microsoft platform. We charge a very small fee for this service: it is highly recommended that you allow us to do this for you (unless you are a tech geek yourself?). We will assure you that everything is setup properly, that things get renewed on time and at the best prices through our bulk purchases.


In order to better serve our clients and focus our efforts in what we do best, we now outsource our hosting to  Our hosting partner does all the server hardware and software maintenance while we focus on the functionality and content of your Web site.

GoDaddy is the largest hosting company in the world and we have 100% confidence in their systems, support, stability and customer service.  We have now been with them since 2008 and are extremely happy with this relationship.

hosting settings

if you control your own domain name but wish to host your site through us here are some of the settings you will need:

technical contact

the technical contact for your domain name should be set to us, this is for emergency purposes, if we need to move things, change servers, or anything else due to hardware failure, etc., then this gives us the ability to do this.  This does not allow us to take over your domain or to take ownership, that resides with you.  It simply allows us to do our job better.  Our information is:

Clint MacDonald
InterGlobal Solutions
1341 Sharbot Street,
Oshawa, ON, Canada

phone: 289.240.4283


All domain name registrars require you to enter the nameservers to which the domain name will be tied.  This is its postal code, so to speak.  To host through techStudio, the following information should be entered:

Primary (dns1)

Secondary (dns2)

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